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No. 1

In Ko-sha’s seminar, we can make a special program that just fit foreigners. Whoever is interested in not only Ikebana but also the Japanese traditional culture,Tea ceremony , and Japanese dance,
please contact us freely.

セミナーは 各々2時間3500円~

The seminar price is from each 3,500 yen.
(There is a case to change by a place, the number of people)

No.2 IKEBANA  Once a month course                                                   Please contact me

Time:  9:50~12:00(Tea time15 minutes)

Day : Sunday

Place: Takadanobaba foot three minutes.( Shinjuku, Tokyo)

Lesson price: 2,000yen ~ 3,800yen (two type flowers)


Sunday Ikebana Class (’09 April 12 )

~ What a wonderful Ikebana ! ~

About an impression of Ikebana

Thank you for your lesson! I learned a lot about the angles and  heights of each stem. It was easy to understand what you said thanks  to a few english words. You gave me some good advice about the beauty  of space below the flowers and the beauty of water. Actually, before  that I didn't even think about the space and water!

I took the flowers home and made the arrangement again and it was really lovely in my home. I'll remember those things for a long time!

You are very kind! Thank you

- Tracey



私は、角度と各々の茎の高さについてたくさん学びました。あなたがいくつかの英語で言ったことを理解するのは簡単でした。あなたは、花と水の美しさの下にあるスペースの美しさについて、私にいくつかの良いアドバイスをしました。 実は、わたしはスペースと水について、考えさえしませんでした! 



- トレイシーより